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Why price of LED tail light are differents?

Dec. 30, 2019

The taillights of the truck convey the driver's braking, steering and other signals to the rear vehicle. They have the function of reminding and alerting, and have a very important effect on road driving safety. They are indispensable for the vehicle.

The bumps of the vehicle are very likely to cause the failure of the vehicle's taillights, so many owners have replaced the truck's taillights with traditional LED bulbs with more stable LED taillights, and even some special vehicle manufacturers have assembled LED taillights when they leave the factory. If you pay attention to the appearance rate of LED lights on the highway is getting higher and higher.

What is LED?

The English full name of LED is Light Emitting Diode, which is a solid-state semiconductor device that can directly convert electricity into light. It is different from the familiar light emitting principle of incandescent and fluorescent lamps. Has the advantages of shock resistance, energy saving, long life and so on.

The concept of LED is very hot now, even though it is not a new word for modern people. In our daily life, there are many LEDs that can be used to indicate light. With the development of conversion technology, LEDs have also come in a variety of forms, including in-line and patch types.

Application of LED in truck

If you pay attention to the tail and side lights on the truck, you will find that many vehicles have been converted to LED products.

1. Anti-shock and anti-impact. Under normal circumstances, the reliability and life of LEDs are much higher than ordinary light bulbs. It has good immunity to bumps in truck handling. Unlike ordinary light bulbs that are constantly turned on and off, for trucks, the chance of being fined due to uneven lighting during road inspections may be reduced.

2. Energy saving. LED work requires a small amount of current, white LED is enough to only 1/10 of incandescent lamps, 1/4 of energy-saving lamps. This is one of the reasons for the current LED boom.

3. Strong light penetration. This is very obvious in the dark at night, and in addition, the visual effect is better than ordinary light bulbs.

LED prices, quality differences

From the user's feedback on the purchase price, we can see that the price of LED products varies widely. The difference in the LED products of truck taillights now, taking a set of taillight lamps as an example, the lowest cost price on the market is less than 10 yuan, and the cost of good LED lamps reaches hundreds of yuan.

Possible problems with poor quality LEDs

As the so-called "a penny a penny", inferior LED products also have great differences in quality.

1. Low brightness. Lights are extremely important to driving safety, and countries have made very detailed regulations on car lights. Poor quality LED lamps will not meet the requirements for use.

2. Short life. The life of the bulbs produced in many factories is not as long as that described, and is about the same as that of ordinary bulbs. This is actually a quality issue. Medium-quality LED lights will inevitably reach 20,000 hours, which can meet the use of 4-5 years, and inferior quality may cause the lights to become dark or not bright in two or three months. Light decay is short.

3. Poor water resistance. LED lights require high waterproof performance. Inferior LEDs do not do well in this regard. The truck's working environment is complex, which can easily cause water vapor to enter and affect the use of LEDs.

4. Use inferior materials. In addition to LED bulbs, some manufacturers will use some inferior components in other parts to reduce costs, which will lead to the following problems.

Afraid of sun, easily cause lampshade aging.

Afraid of oil, poor corrosion resistance

Afraid of strong light, it is easy to cause the lampshade to fade

Circuit board wires are too thin, or iron, aluminum and other materials are used to replace copper wires, which can easily cause circuit failure.

Analysis of the causes of problems reported by users

Problem 1: The day is not bright enough.

To solve this problem, too many truck drivers connect the wires of the reversing light and the turn signal to increase the brightness, but this connection method has certain safety risks.

This may have two reasons:

First of all, the quality of LED bulbs has been mentioned above. The price of LEDs is extremely large. The cost ranges from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. In addition, the use time of poor quality is not long enough, and the brightness degradation will occur when the use is reduced.

Second, LED installation issues. LEDs are unidirectional, and the warning effect will not be obvious when the angle is slightly biased. If it is a multi-angle chip LED as shown in the figure, the effect of scattering can be achieved through the reflection of a mirror.

The current LED taillights are generally designed with a reflector, which replaces this deficiency.

Problem 2: The circuit alarms and the blinking lights flash fast

This is mainly because the current required by the LED lamp is small. After the LED lamp is directly replaced, the frequency of the flasher will be accelerated. For some vehicles with tail light detection function, the current of the detection circuit is also used, and the system mistakenly thinks that the light is off, so the alarm is issued.

Solution: You can increase the current of the entire circuit by connecting a resistor in parallel with the LED lamp. However, the power of the resistor must be selected, otherwise it is easy to burn. As the use of LED lights is becoming more and more common, some OEMs have also begun to consider the impact of factors using LED lights on their vehicles.

Question 3: The circuit will turn on when the circuit is off

This may be due to the low current phenomenon in the circuit of the car body. The LED only needs a small current to work, so the static electricity of some car bodies can light up the LED lamp.

Solution: A small 3-watt light bulb can be connected in series in the circuit.

Impact of unlicensed manufacturing enterprises

LEDs have high requirements for production technology. There are still a large number of trailer production units with low technical level in the market. They even use workshop-type production methods. In order to save costs, they replace inferior LED lamps. This has led to some workshop-type LEDs. Manufacturers have room to survive. Products selected by the manufacturer will undergo rigorous experimental verification, and the products must be guaranteed.

Lack of market regulation and vicious competition

Although the state does have strict requirements on automotive lighting, the lack of effective regulation in the market still allows some counterfeit and inferior products to enter the market. They cause vicious competition through price wars and other methods. The end result of market chaos is that it is difficult for users to choose For really good products, many truck drivers have also been hurt by too many fake and shoddy products.