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Round Tail Lights

LED tail lights

Application of LED tail lights

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of round LED tail lights. With our excellent team of engineers and proprietary production facilities, Woodoo has been at the forefront of innovative and revolutionary lighting products. In addition to round LED tail lights, our main products include Clearance and Side Marker LED Lamps, Fog lights,Truck Taillights, Round Truck Taillights, Oval Strobe Lights, Work Lights, Steering Lights, Brake Warning Lights, etc. We complete a wire harness system for trucks, buses, trailers, medium and heavy duty trucks.

We are committed to providing drivers with more reliable and high-quality lighting products to protect driving safety.

Advantages of LED tail lights

LED is a light-emitting diode. The materials used are mainly 3a-5a element compound semiconductor. LED lamp is low energy consumption, high stability, high service life, short light decay, environmental protection.

1.The LED tail lights are shockproof and have a long service life.

Under normal circumstances, the reliability and lifespan of LEDs are much higher than ordinary bulbs. It has good immunity to bumps in truck driving, unlike ordinary light bulbs that are easy to burn or break when they are frequently switched on and off. For trucks, it may reduce the chance of being fined due to uneven lighting during road inspections.

2. Energy saving. LED tail lights require less current when working. 

According to the data, the energy consumption of white LEDs is only 1/10 of that of incandescent lamps and 1/4 of that of energy-saving lamps. This is also one of the reasons why round LED tail lights are selling hot now.

3. The LED tail lights have strong penetrability. 

This is very obvious in the dark at night, and the visual effect is better than ordinary light bulbs.